Friday, 17 December 2010

Frosty the snowman!!!

We have a lot of snow here to-day well over 12incs so the girls and their Dad went to build a snowman and this is what they ended up with a rather big snowman!!! Girls hope the snow will last as they would like to build some more to-morrow.Snowed in here well if we get hungry we can always eat the snowman!!!! lol

Tree is up!!

Tree is up at last only getting round to posting this pic.Two sets of lights would not work so not as many to take of again Ken is pleased!!! My two girls decorated this year and what a great job they did.Every year their two Granny's buy them a tree bauble and they have been doing this since they were born so my tree is pretty full!!Girls out building a snowman here,had over 12 incs of snow to-day will post a pic later.x