Friday, 17 April 2009

Had a great day yesterday went to the show in the Kings Hall, really big crowd. Bought a cuttlebug for the amazing price of £15.00 wow you say, well it was an ex demo one ,have tried it out already works perfectly.
Ordered some stamp it up items from my friend Sam came yesterday wow what a day I had.The stamps all come from Amercia and you cannot buy them in the shops. I am having my own party soon so can't wait to order more!!
Sandra x


  1. Hi Sandra

    Sophs and I had a great time today, thank you. I thought Sophs would be sleeping by now but shes out playing! Speak soon. Luv Sam x

  2. hiya Sandra, well what a bargain you got with the cuttlebug!!! well done, you will love it!! got my stampin up stamps yesterday and they are gorgeous!! just posted a card on my blog using some of them, cant wait to see what you make with yours, talk soon :) ♥

  3. only me again Sandra lol :) no I never got the paper, Kate must have forgot, but sure she will keep it for me anyway, cant wait to see it as it sounds sooo cute!! :) ♥

  4. £15 wow what a bargain that was ..i was there on saturday as well did you not think a lot of things were dearer than what we can buy here ?
    going to email you about the robo later x cathy


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