Tuesday, 14 April 2009

some many photos so little time

Having a really tough time getting my photos to load on!! Maybe has something to do with all the photos I have saved on my computer!! Well hopefully going to work on that this week and post some photos soon.
Kids driving me crazy to-day, can't wait till school starts. Has anyone got any tips is it easier to load straight from youe camera? Sandra X


  1. hiya Sandra :) if you go to your settings and click on "new post" it will bring you to were you post your posts {if that makes sense, lol} then at top of little box there is a small blue square which when you point your mouse at it will say "add image" , click on it and it will say browse images or pictures, when you click that it should bring up your files where you store your photos, its just a matter of clicking whichever photo you want to publish and uploading it. I hope this is what you were looking for information ways?? and hope you can understand my instructions ok, if not give me another shout :) ♥

  2. Hi Sandra, I'm a follower now too! Looking forward to Kings Hall tomorrow. I'll give you a hand with photos on Friday. Luv Sam x


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