Monday, 4 May 2009

so many stamps so little money!!

Hi there,

Have had a very busy weekend, my friend Sam who is a stamp it up demonstrator had a party at my house on Friday.

I had 10 people who came and we had a great evening, there were so many stamps I wanted as well as papers, ink pads I could go on and on.We made a lovely card with a butterfly stamp and a lovely ladybird it was so nice I ended up buying this set of stamps and a whole heap of other things!!

On Saturday I went to a great shop in Ballymoney which sadly is closing all the items were half price and I came away with a lot of nice items 2 scrapbooking albums, stamps, papers and a few other nice things.


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend and got lots of goodies what shop is it thats closing not that i need anymore lol x cathy

  2. Have you tried any of your new stamps? I have although not much. I think mums headin up on saturday to mandys! I can't go again coz I've stampin up training! Gary is even going to B'money as theres a car show on in the showgrounds!!
    Luv Sam x

  3. hi hun i thought it was it i havent been to it yet do you know the opening hrs cos i might take a run over tomorrow awful weather we are having xx cathy

  4. well i did go over this morning and theres a sign up sayig saturday 1-4 so i will get over then for a hoke i love stamping was up your way yesterday passing thourgh going to magherafelt xx cathy

  5. Hi Sandra I've finally got myself a blog - like yourself - I'm just getting the hang of things. Hoping Marlou can give me a few lessons. Glad ur party went well. Hope to see you soon. Brigid


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