Monday, 11 May 2009

busy busy!!

Had a very busy weekend. My cat Mia had her kittens and sadly all 6 died. My two girls shed a few tears and so did I.
To-day the girls and I took Mia to the vet as she hasn't been eating or drinking they have kept her at the vets and to-morrow she is having an operation to remove a cat that is stuck so what a weekend I have had!!
Have been tidying my stash all day never knew I had so many papers!!!
Sandra X


  1. Hi Sandra, hope the operation goes well for Mia. Maybe see you today. Luv Sam x

  2. hiya Sandra im so sorry about your kittens what an awful thing to happen and I hope your cat gets through operation, poor thing :) ♥

  3. Hi Mabel. I have now got a blog too. Sam said I would be able to manage it and I did. Sorry to hear about the kittens. Hope Mia will be alright. Love Kate


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